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Visit the following links for additional information on how to store and use the delicious berries you picked at Rockywoood Farm.

How to make blueberry jam

How to freeze blueberries

World’s best and easiest blueberry pie 

Blueberry Facts, Picking Tips, Canning Directions and Recipes:

How to Can Blueberries:

How to make blueberry jelly:

How to make and can blueberry syrup (it works for strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, too):

How to make home-canned blueberry pie filling to use later:

How to make blueberry butter:

Blueberry buckle coffee cake: illustrated directions for this great crumb-topping blueberry coffee cake:

How to make raspberry jam:

How to make berry jams, (mixed, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, loganberry, mixed berry, etc.):

How to make mango-raspberry jam:

How to make raspberry-chipotle sauce:

How to make raspberry vinaigrette:

How to can berry juices:

How to make homemade icecream with your berries:  

For more information about other local farms visit and

Learn about ORGANIC food from the Northeast Organic Farming Association, NOFA,  and

Additional information about berries from the USDA:

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